Published 2021-06-16

Last Updated 2021-06-16

Summertime Saga is a game by DarkCookie

It has about 28,754 patrons supporting it with a minimum of $1/mo, it is making $76,580/mo.

Being a $1/mo patron gives earlier access to releases.

Latest version is 0.20.9 (hotfix) and released 2021-03-30

Latest Patreon version is same as latest free version.

Next release is v0.21.0 (Widescreen support) and has no official release date. (Comment below if this is outdated)

Supported platforms: Windows, OSX, Android and Linux

It is written in Ren’Py

It can be downloaded for free at

The game’s size is about 1.11 GB

Title Screen

Summertime Saga is an adult orientated high quality dating sim game, currently in development and funded wholly by Patreon backers.

Set in a small suburban town, a young man just entering college is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his father was in debt to a group of shady criminals.

The game features over 65 characters to meet and interact with, over 30 unique locations, 20+ mini games, with hours of new content being added every update.

You can download the game for free, but by supporting the game on Patreon you gain exclusive rewards such as; private download servers, bug tracker and wiki access, vote on upcoming content, in-depth development overview, discord rewards, upcoming scene spoilers, and more!

Overworld Map

The game is done in photoshop, with a high focus on detail. There is lots of game play and naughty scenes, including an entire pregnancy system.

Pregnancy System


Category Rating Notes
Immersion 5/10 Not horrible, but a bit detached with the fantasy settings and cartoony vibe
Writing Quality 8/10 Pacing is great, immersion is well done
Art 10/10 While 2d, animations and scenes are highest quality
Gameplay 7/10 Can’t undo actions, however there is no timeline, so you can repeat as often as you like. Not too grindy to get cash
Sex Scenes 9/10 Amazingly done, writing can be a bit lackluster but definitely high end
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