Published 2021-06-23

Last Updated 2021-06-23

Love & Sex Second Base is a game by Andrealphus

It has about 3,820 patrons supporting it with a minimum of $1/mo, it is making $15,532/mo

Being a $1/mo patron gives you early access to the beta releases

Latest free demo version is v21.5.0e and was released 2021-06-01

Latest Patreon version is v21.5.0e and was released 2019-09-20

You can purchase the game via Steam or, or you can be a patron for $1/mo. If you only want a snapshot of a version, the patron version is cheaper. If you plan to play it long term, purchasing the game via Steam or Itch gives you patches forever.

Next release is not yet known and has no official release date. (Comment below if this is outdated)

It is written in Ren’Py

Supported platforms: Windows, OSX, Android and Linux

It can be downloaded as a demo at for free

The game’s size for the demo is about 787.3 MB, the actual game is about 921 MB

Title Screen

Love & Sex Second Base is a dating game that allows you to get lucky with a partner of your choice by building your stats, getting to know your conquests and rewarding the player for the work they put in to win their hearts, growing as your character improves with time and experience.



Category Rating Notes
Immersion 3/10 Due to the open endedness, there’s not a ton of immersion
Writing Quality 9/10 Well written, voice acting enhances the writing quality
Art 6/10 While good quality, it feels a bit static and could be improved
Gameplay 6/10 Good guidelines with the book and stat system, but a bit boring and repetitive
Sex Scenes 6/10 Enjoyable with the sex, slave, and impregantion options, but static and too little images, and not too detailed writing. The voice acting is pretty fun however.


  • Free form exploration
  • Choose between male or female starting characters
  • Time and season influences game
  • Need system, similar to sims
  • Attribute system, Knowledge, Intellect, Charm
  • Voice acting
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