Published 2021-06-16

Last Updated 2021-05-16

A House in the Rift is a game by Zanith .

It has about 1,282 patrons supporting it with a minimum of $2/mo, it is making $9,045/mo.

Being a $5/mo patron gives a week earlier access to releases.

Latest free version is v0.5.5 (Episodes 1 to 7) and released 2021-04-23

Latest Patreon version is v0.5.6

Next release is not yet known and has no official release date. (Comment below if this is outdated)

It is written in Ren’Py

Supported platforms: Windows, OSX, Android and Linux

It can be downloaded at Patreon via a post for free

The game’s size is about 3.93 GB

Title Screen

A House in the Rift is a game where you were thrown into a dimensional rift and have no idea what to do. Nevertheless, other castaways from different realms, all beautiful girls at that, join you one by one in order to form an everlasting bond of trust, friendship, and physical intimacy.

Family Room


Category Rating Notes
Immersion 3/10 Due to fantasy meshing and general pacing, it is not very immersion
Writing Quality 5/10 English translation feels foreign, not immersive
Art 5/10 posing is a bit generic, navigation and general art not amazing
Gameplay 5/10 Not a ton of options, but you can scroll up to page back and redo actions
Sex Scenes 5/10 Animated but not too immersive


  • Stat System
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