Published 2021-06-16

Last Updated 2021-05-16

Avalon is a game by Lockheart .

It has about 126 patrons supporting it with a minimum of $3/mo, meaning it is making at least $378/mo.

Being a $3/mo patron gives no release incentives.

Latest version is v8.1 and released 2021-02-02 and reported to be the last version.

Latest Patreon version is same as latest version.

No Next release is planned.

It is written in Ren’Py.

Supported platforms: Windows, Android, and OSX

It can be purchased at for $7.99

The game’s size is about 3.13 GB

Title Screen

Before you begin getting to know Avalon and her Uncle Byron, you will be given a choice between two friends; Dallas or Octavia. Dallas is a flirtatious cheerleader who may be more than she seems. Octavia is benevolent and kind but behind her glowing personality is a deeply buried secret.

Who will you choose?



None suggested.


Category Rating Notes
Immersion 8/10 Scenes are intense and immersive
Writing Quality 8/10 Immersive story and no grammar errors
Art 8/10 Good quality
Gameplay 5/10 Choices are a bit railed but not horrible
Sex Scenes 8/10 Quality is good, but immersion can be missing on some
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